Low voltage——

Dyness B51100C adopt economic design, is tailor made for residential application.

Safe and Reliable • Wide Compatibility • Compact Size • Larger Capacity Base

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LiFePO4 battery, safe, longer life span 

Up to 40units used in parallel, capacity will be 5.12~204.8kWh

Modular design, easy to stack, quick installation

Practical pull ear design improves operation convenience

Wide temperature range of -20~50℃

Each module is equipped with an independent BMS to manage 

battery system effectively.

  • Sorting date: 2022.03.26
    Dyness B51100C Datasheet-EN
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  • Sorting date: 2022.03.26
    Dyness Warranty Terms-LV battery 2022-02-7+3years-
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