Warranty Service

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Step 1 ——After-sales Service Request Statement

Dear Customer
Thank you for ordering Dyness products and we apologize for any inconvenience might has caused.To better understand the situation, you need to submit the following information for our analysis so that we can provide a solution for you.
  1. Please contact your installer or Dyness after-sales team as soon as possible when the battery fails, please do not handle it  yourself to avoid safety problems.

  2. In all cases, this form should be completed by your installer. If you cannot get in touch with your original installer, please contact Dyness’s local after-sales service center first, or obtain Dyness’s contact information through our official website and contact us in time.

  3. Once you submit after-sales service request with supporting documents, you will receive an email containing an after-sales service request code.

  4. Dyness reserves the right to reject after-sales service in the event of the following four situations: Product failures are not caused by technology and materials; Product is replaced without the prior consent of Dyness; Product doesn’t meet warranty conditions; The information you provided is not true and valid.

I have learned and agree with the conditions above.

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